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Smart Hospital

TIMMI Smart Hospital automates everyday management tasks of hospitals, health centres and other medical facilities

managing rooms and facilities

The bedrock of all TIMMI systems is our Room Management software. During the deployment project we define the parameters for different rooms, so that the system knows what those rooms can be used for.

managing personnel

We can integrate different types of scheduling software with TIMMI Smart Hospital, so that you can continue using the tools that you’re comfortable with, but still get all the benefits of our system.

managing PATIENT flows

We believe it is crucial for healthcare providers to efficiently direct patients to their appointments, so that the workflow of medical professionals is optimized. TIMMI Smart Hospital manages patient flows automatically from start to finish.

TIMMI Case Study: Pirte

Three Key Benefits

Enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness

• Health centre can provide a wider array of services in a facility one-third of the size

Improved quality of care and patient satisfaction

• Medical professionals will spend less time with administrative tasks and more time with patients
• Cross-discliplinary co-operation will increase

Increased personnel wellbeing

• The staff reports an increased sense of meaningfulness and agency about their work, and a more tightly knit community

Smart Algorithms for Smart Hospitals

The algorithm at the heart of TIMMI Smart Hospital automatically allocates rooms to appointments, giving priority to care that requires special equipment.

For example, one of our clients provides dental care in their facility, as well as general medical care. The rooms that are equipped for dental care are always used for those appointments, but if there are no appointments for the dentist, those rooms can also be used for other tasks.

How does it work?

Managing Rooms and Facilities

A cornerstone of our TIMMI Smart Hospital system is automated room management. Our system combines appointment and patient data from electronic health records with personnel schedules and room reservations. 

What this means is that your doctors calendars’ are automatically updated with information about who their patient is and what room their appointment is in.

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